Slippery Situation: How to Handle a Leaky Refrigerator

Slippery Situation: How to Handle a Leaky Refrigerator

Finding a pool of water at the base of your fridge is undoubtedly cause for concern. Often, the cause of the fridge’s water leak doesn’t mean the appliance needs replacing. But, it does mean it will likely need some fridge repair. Commonly, fixing a water leak in a refrigerator is a simple repair that can even be done by some homeowners, but for guaranteed results, consult an appliance repair specialist.

Leaky Fridge Cause #1: Blocked Defrost Drain

A blocked defrost drain can result in back-up, and eventual overflow of water, which can result in you stepping in a puddle of water while reaching for your morning milk. The cause of the blockage is likely a build-up of food particle and other debris. To fix, the blockage needs to be removed from the defrost drain.

Leaky Fridge Cause #2: Clogged or Frozen Water Supply Line

Refrigerators with built-in ice machines can experience a clogged or frozen water supply line. This can result in homeowners finding a pool of water emerging from underneath their fridge. As with the first scenario, fixing the problem means determining and addressing the cause of the blockage.

Leaky Fridge Cause #3: Leaky Water Storage Tank

Continually finding pools of water at the bottom of a fridge is a sign something in your refrigerator is not running smoothly. When water collects under a crisper drawer, there could be a problem with the water storage tank if your fridge has an ice maker.

Leaky Fridge Cause #4: Damaged Water Valve

A water line on the back of refrigerators has valves that control water flowing through the appliance’s water supply line. If any of the valves have become faulty, water will leak, and eventually pool at the front of the fridge. This is also a problem if the water line itself becomes damaged.

In each water leaking scenario, unplug your appliance and contact a fridge repair company. Each cause of water leakage requires a diagnostic assessment by a trained professional to determine the correct course of action for the repair. An appliance repair specialist is best to be able to decide on the best way to address all refrigerator related leaky situations. If you live in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas, contact us, and one of our appliance repair experts will come as soon as possible.