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In the appliance world, Jenn Air might not be the oldest. In fact, it’s about fifty years younger than some of the biggest names out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s the new kid on the block! In fact, this subsidiary of Whirlpool has been around since 1947, so it’s definitely got some history!

Unlike most other appliance brands, which offer appliances to suit most budgets, Jenn Air focuses on high end, luxury appliances. So, if you own one (or more) of their appliances, we know you already have great taste. Choose us to keep those sleek, stylish gadgets in perfect working order. We are one of the most popular Jenn Air appliance repair services in Winnipeg for a reason!

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We know that people who choose Jenn Air appliances expect a little more, so we make sure our services match up. When you call, you can expect professional advice and a prompt appointment to visit your home. Don’t wait around for the other guys. Choose the number one Winnipeg Jenn-Air appliance repair service. however

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    however Jenn-Air washer repair Winnipeg

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    We’re your A to Z Jenn-air appliance repair service in Winnipeg. Moreover, we install your brand-new appliances with care and attention to detail. We service your older models so they can stay in perfect condition year in and year out. Furthermore, we diagnose and repair all kinds of problem with every kind of Jenn-Air appliance. If you own any of these luxury, high end appliances at all, you need to have us on speed dial. Because when something goes wrong, we’ll get it fixed fast.


    Jenn-Air Washer Repair Winnipeg

    Jenn-Air washers are high tech, well made and have a ton of features. It’s no wonder they’re loved by everyone who owns one. But even the best appliances sometimes get a little sluggish. Sometimes it’s a blockage. Sometimes it’s a leak, or a weird smell. Or sometimes you can’t tell what the problem is at all, but your clothes just don’t get clean.

    Whatever the problem is, our team of specialists can help. We have fully trained Jenn-Air technicians on staff, and a storeroom full of parts. We make appointments that suit your schedule and we’re fast, affordable, and efficient. JENN-AIR dryer repair Winnipeg

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    Jenn-Air Dryer Repair Winnipeg

    As the number one choice for Jenn-Air appliance repair in Winnipeg, we see a lot of dryer repairs. Sometimes they’re not heating up properly. Sometimes there are strange new lights or noises, and sometimes they get too hot.

    Whatever the problem is with your Jenn-Air dryer, you don’t have to live with it! Our team is waiting to take your call and set up an appointment. They’ll arrive with all the parts and tools they need to find the problem and fix it fast, so you don’t have to wonder how you’ll be drying the next load of laundry!

    Jenn-Air Fridge Repair Winnipeg

    Jenn-Air makes beautiful fridges. They look great, they have all the best features, and they’re really well made. Which means it will usually be a while before you need our Jenn-Air appliance repair service for your refrigerator, but when you do, we’re here for you.

    Our team helps our Winnipeg customers with new fridge installation and with servicing and fixing older Jenn-Air fridges. We also do routine maintenance, and because we’re happy to come to your home to take a look, we can give you the best, most professional advice and competitive repair pricing. Call or email today to get your fridge working right again. JENN-AIR dishwasher repair Winnipeg


    Jenn-Air Dishwasher Repair Winnipeg

    There are several reasons you might call us to take a look at your Jenn-Air dishwasher, including:

    • Dishes that are still dirty when the cycle is done
    • Water leaks or potential pipe blockages
    • Strange smells and noises when the machine is in use
    • Electrical faults, from lights that come on when they shouldn’t to complete power failure

    Whatever your dishwasher needs, our Jenn-Air appliance repair team specialists are ready, willing, and able to help. JENN-AIR dishwasher repair Winnipeg



    therefore Jenn-Air washer repair Winnipeg

    NEED A HELP ?  CONTACT US  (204) 400-5544


    Jenn-Air Cooktop Repair Winnipeg

    You probably chose a Jenn-Air cooktop for your kitchen because you wanted high end features and a fantastic cooking experience. They certainly do deliver that. But even the best appliances stop working properly every once in a while.

    Whatever type of Jenn-Air cooktop you have if it’s not working the way it should (or at all) we’re only a phone call away. We’re happy to visit your home, take a look, and tell you exactly what’s wrong. We’ll give you a quote to get it fixed, and if you go ahead, get it done fast. It’s why our Winnipeg customers love us so much! JENN-AIR stove repair Winnipeg


    Jenn-Air Stove Repair Winnipeg

    Does your stove not heat up properly, or heat too much? Have you noticed weird smells when you’re using the stove, or do you have problems with the light, doors, or thermostat? Whatever trouble you’re having, our Jenn-Air appliance repair team can help. We stock only manufacturer approved parts, and our technicians are fully trained and certified. We do on site assessments, and get the problem fixed fast. You invested in the best stove. Now get the best repair team. JENN-AIR stove repair Winnipeg


    Jenn-Air Oven Repair Winnipeg

    Ever wondered why your oven decides to give you trouble when you can least deal with it? Right before the holidays, or when you have to get something made for the bake sale. It’s like they know!

    Whatever the reason your Jenn-Air oven is not working properly, whatever it’s doing (or not doing) and no matter how quickly you need to get it fixed, our Jenn-Air appliance repair service is the only one you need in Winnipeg. We know these appliances inside and out, have parts on hand, and can be at your home in record time. Call us. Let’s get you back in the kitchen!


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    We know how important it is to have your appliances work as they should. Call one of our representatives now to schedule same service.


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